Everyone’s a cynic when they hear a sales message…

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We’re bombarded with marketing and sales messages online, via cold calls, in texts, at home, in public…

It takes well-written copy to break through the cynicism that comes from being all too well accustomed to sales messages. The right headline, slogan or paragraph can make someone pay attention, rather than ignore your copy as more background noise.

Breakthrough copywriting is derived from an understanding of your audience. Take the sales of drill bits, why do people buy quarter-inch drill bits? They don’t want quarter-inch drill bits, they want quarter inch holes.

By avoiding jargon and synonyms for great, you can connect with your audience to answer their needs. Good copy doesn’t need a heavy sales pitch and fluff, it’s direct, concise and understands its audience.

So don’t “think outside of the box” to have “industry-wide best practice” in a “holistic, strategic approach” that’s “innovative”.  It’s boring.

Bare provides expert marketing and web copywriting, email campaign services, proofreading and editing support.


email campaign services

Bare was recently approached by a client to assist in promoting their new website and generating fresh leads for their product.

The most cost efficient method to achieve both goals was via our email campaign services. By developing detailed buyer personas (fictional, generalised representations of their ideal customer) and utilising the services of a virtual assistant, we created a list containing over 500 target contacts. An email was crafted to demonstrate how our client’s product could solve a critical issue faced by their industry, which was then sent at an optimal time to maximise open rates.

The result; open and click-through rates far higher than the industry standard, which generated over 100 qualified leads from interested recipients for their sales team. Hits on their website increased 20% and new users grew by over 50%. As a result, the process has now been rolled out across several other product lines.

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